For those living with severe joint pain, replacement surgery isn’t the only option available. At Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics (ARO), we strive to restore your active life while preserving your natural anatomy. Our orthopedic surgeons and physicians work together to provide an alternative to joint replacement through three specialized techniques. Our unique process includes minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery, stem cell therapy and denervation. When combined, these procedures target your body’s natural healing abilities to get you back to doing the things you love faster.

Orchid: A Case Study

All too often with degenerative joint issues such as arthritis or meniscal tears, the immediate solution is replacement. What can be expected in replacement surgery is a long and involved surgical procedure followed by weeks to months of rehabilitation and a long recovery period. Many times replacement surgery is presented as the only option to patients. See how our patients are enjoying their active lifestyle after their procedures in our Patient Testimonials.

Meet the Specialists

ARO brings together a team of exceptional orthopedic surgeons and physicians to
provide maximum benefit for their patients. To learn more about our team of orthopedic doctors, click
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*Our MRI review is an informational review of the MRI report that you provide to us and is not a form of diagnosis. A diagnosis and a final determination of whether you may benefit from treatment at Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics can only be made after you have been physically examined by our medical professionals. The MRI Review has no value and will not be billed.