“You ‘HAVE’ to have a knee replacement”

All too often, patients come to me for a second opinion after being told that they must have a knee replacement for their condition. While a knee replacement is a fantastic medical procedure, it is not necessarily the right solution to every problem. Unfortunately, many doctors rapidly jump to the “joint replacement” treatment option for [...]

Understanding Depression and Joint Pain

By Ashley Boynes-Shuck Although the mind and the body are strongly linked, the relationship between pain and depression is rarely simple and often it can be a chicken or egg situation when trying to determine which came first. Symptoms of Depression The relationship between depression and pain can be expressed as this paradox: pain can [...]

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3 Exercises for Healthy Joints

Some of the best exercises for your joints are those that don't require a lot of fast motions or stressful movements that cause your joints to experience potentially painful impact. Gentle stretching is a good starting point for getting your joints into better health.

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How to Get Active After Surgery

Getting active after surgery can be complicated. You will have weight restrictions and, depending on the type of surgery you have, you could have limitations on how you move and how often. So for those who need to stay active after surgery, here are a few tips.

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The Best and Worst Types of Shoes for Arthritis

Choosing the best shoes for arthritis requires adherence to rules that protect the feet and provide a comfortable fit. Since shoes can influence movement in the knees and other joints, it's important to keep this in mind when considering your next pair.

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How to Pick Up Your Grandkids Without Pain

When grandchildren visit it’s a chance to strengthen your bond, teach them family traditions and just have fun. However, the physical reality of having young children in the house can be challenging. The good news is that there are some specific things you can do to protect yourself from pain and even from further injury.

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Choosing the Right Cane to Help with Your Joint Pain

If the pain in your knees, hips, feet and ankles is increasing, you may find that a walking cane can take the pressure off your joints and reduce your pain. Using a cane may also mean increased mobility. But how do you choose the right cane for your joint pain? We have a few tips.

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Workplace Hazards: Top Job Situations That Might Lead to Joint Damage

Modern workplaces are known for putting workers at risk in different ways, but some injuries go beyond what you can readily perceive. Joint pain is a real problem for countless Americans, and their occupations could be making the situation worse. Here are some of the ways your job might be affecting you and a few potential solutions.

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Knee Cartilage: Why Your Knee Needs It

Living an active lifestyle means you're going to get a few bumps and bruises from time to time. Often, the most frequent instances of joint pain occur in the knees. If you've sustained a knee injury or you have arthritis in your knees, you're no stranger to knee pain. Cartilage is the first line of defense in protecting your knees from life's little bumps.

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Stem Cell Therapy: How Can It Benefit Your Joints?

Stem cells live within all of us. They occur naturally in our tissues, organs and muscles. They act as the repairing cells of the body, stimulating healing whenever we experience an injury. Unfortunately, there are times when our bodies cannot generate enough of these necessary healing cells, which leads to pain and longer recovery time. That's where stem cell therapy comes into play.

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