How effective is stem cell therapy for hips?

If you suffer from severe hip pain, weakness, or stiffness due to a degenerative joint condition, you may have been told that major joint replacement surgery is your only option.

To first understand how stem cell therapy can be an effective alternative, you have to understand how your hip works. Your hip is a ball and socket joint. If the ball joint is flattened, or collapsed, or looks like cauliflower, this means the joint is mechanically distorted, and stem cell therapy will not solve the underlying cause of your pain. Stem cell therapy treats deteriorated cartilage in joints, not damaged or disfigured joints. In this situation, you need to consider a hip replacement. If the ball joint is still round, and mechanically functioning, then there is a reason to believe that stem cell therapy can help. So if there is just a slight narrowing of the space, there is no reason to undergo a major hip replacement surgery without trying other options first!

Stem cell therapy has proven to be extremely effective in returning hip pain patients to pain-free motion as long as you use the proper source of stem cells and address the rest of the causes of the pain and inflammation in the microenvironment, which are being amplified by the sensory nerve pain.

The team at Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics can diagnose the source of your pain and determine whether or not you are candidate for stem cell therapy for your hip! Contact us today for a free consultation and to learn more about what stem cell therapy can do for you.