Knee Osteoarthritis

Knee Osteoarthritis in Tampa, Brandon, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Lakeland & Surrounding Cities

Knee Osteoarthritis If you are suffering from knee osteoarthritis, Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics can effectively treat your condition, alleviate your pain, increase your mobility and get you moving again. Our team of expert orthopedic surgeons can provide you with a knee arthroscopy to surgically diagnose and treat your condition, or we can provide you with an assortment of alternative treatment options.

Knee osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition characterized by the gradual decline of knee cartilage. Over time, the knee joint becomes coarse, and the space between the bones decreases allowing bone-to-bone contact to occur. This painful condition can present with stiffness, decreased range of motion, locking or “sticking” of the knee, swelling, buckling and more.

There are several factors that can increase your risk for developing knee osteoarthritis. If you have suffered previous knee injuries, are overweight, have a genetic predisposition to osteoarthritis or regularly participate in activities such as running that cause repetitive stress on your knee joint, you may have more likelihood of developing the condition.

At Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics, we can quickly and easily diagnose knee osteoarthritis with an x-ray, MRI and/or arthrocentesis.  Depending on the severity of your condition, we will recommend a treatment plan that includes one or more of the following:

  • Weight Loss
  • Activity Modification
  • Assistive Devices
  • Medications
  • Corticosteroids
  • Hyaluronic Acid Injections
  • Physical Therapy
  • Physician-Directed Stem Cell Therapy
  • Surgical Intervention

For those who require surgical intervention, our skilled orthopedic surgeons can provide an osteotomy, a cartilage grafting, a total or partial knee replacement or a knee arthroscopy. An arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure that is used to treat a broad range of joint related issues. During the knee arthroscopy, your surgical team will make a small incision of less than ½ of an inch and insert an arthroscope in order to view the internal tissues of your knee and make necessary repairs without having to open up the entire knee.

If you believe you may have knee osteoarthritis, contact Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics today to schedule an appointment and be on your way to relief! We are gladly accepting patients from Tampa, Brandon, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Lakeland and the neighboring cities.