Shoulder Arthroscopy

Shoulder ArthroscopyShoulder Arthroscopy in Tampa, Brandon, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Lakeland & Surrounding Areas

shoulder arthroscopy can be an optimal surgical solution to treat a broad range of shoulder conditions and injuries including rotator cuff injuries, joint arthritis, Bankart lesions, SLAP lesions and more. At Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics, our skilled orthopedic surgeons have vast experience providing patients of all ages with pain relief by utilizing these minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures.

When you come to our office for an examination, we can help determine the cause of your pain and decide if you require a full rotator cuff repair or other shoulder surgery. If we determine that surgical intervention is required to fully address your pain, restore your mobility and increase your overall quality of life, we will most often opt for a shoulder arthroscopy instead of performing a full open shoulder surgery. Because a shoulder arthroscopy utilizes the smallest of incisions (less than ½ of an inch each), our orthopedic surgical team can correct your conditions and restore your joint health without the need for large and unsightly scarring. In addition to less scarring, an arthroscopic shoulder surgery also typically allows patients to enjoy shorter recovery times and decreased pain when compared to open surgeries.

While Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics can perform a rotator cuff repair, Bankart lesion repair, SLAP lesion repair and more with these advanced arthroscopic procedures, we will never recommend surgical intervention unless absolutely necessary. We often recommend that our patients attempt to treat their condition or injury with one or more alternative treatments or procedures prior to committing to surgical solutions. These treatment suggestions may include:

  • Physician-Directed Stem Cell Therapy
  • Medication
  • Corticosteroids
  • Physical Therapy

Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics is proud to welcome patients from Tampa, Brandon, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Lakeland and the surrounding areas, so if you or a family member is suffering from a recent joint injury or dealing with severe and persistent joint pain, please contact our skilled surgical team today to schedule an appointment and determine if a shoulder arthroscopy is right for you.