Francis (YT)

My original injury was from a fall straight down in a supermarket. And it was an immediate pain and it didn’t go away. Many years ago I had an operation on a meniscus and it didn’t seem to help. I thought I stuck with this pain forever. It interfered with my walking, it interfered with any idea of running. The pain was variable: there were times when there was no pain, but then it would start up on each side of the knee and it would interfere with my walking and the pain could be extremely excruciating to the point when I would have to stay in bad. It was variable, but it would never left.
It interferes with everything, with family life, with any kind of activity I wanted to share with people.
It was some kind of pain where I would be sitting in the chair for a long time and when I would try to get up, I could hardly balance to walk. It seemed that I was not willing to dedicate the time that was necessary to really get rid of the pain and also without 100% insurance that it wouldn’t succeed. I decided to just put up with it.
A knee replacement was suggested, but it seemed like a major event. In terms of an operation and recovering period. When it seemed there was a possibility of doing something about it they listened, they ordered the tests that were necessary, they told me the options available. They helped me to walk through.
I was afraid first, but the way they explained things it was logical, the treatment was a logical one to try. It seemed it really could be a relief from pain. We did the MRI and X-rays and based on those results they did denervation and the injection of stem cells.
The result was so immediate and so strong that I felt as though a miracle had happened. I was on the table, they did all the procedures and when I hopped of the table there was no pain. It was very emotional.
When you get used to the pain it is hard to remember the time when you was not in the pain. The result was so wonderful! The doctors here are very kind and caring. It is hard to find the doctor who has enough time to speak with you, to explain everything what’s going on and what your possibilities are.
I am able to walk without pain, I’m able to start exercising. It has changed my life. It has made life much more enjoyable. I have to say it was like a miracle.