Frank - Fort Myers, FL
My name is Frank and this is my story. My right knee cartilage was gone. I was bone-to-bone. The pain was unbearable. I went to doctors and they wanted to do surgery they wanted put out official knee, I didn't want to go that way. ARO changed my life. I had a stem cell procedure done and now I'm…
- Frank - Fort Myers, FL

Stanley - Michigan
My name is Stanley Rock, Pickle Ball is definitely my passion. I found out very quickly it is a wonderful game. I started playing it every week on a regular basis. I started playing in four different leagues and then all of a sudden the knee went out and I couldn't do that any more. Every time I…
- Stanley - Michigan

Francis - Tampa, FL
My original injury was from a fall straight down in a supermarket. And it was an immediate pain and it didn’t go away. Many years ago I had an operation on a meniscus and it didn’t seem to help. I thought I stuck with this pain forever. It interfered with my walking, it interfered with any…
- Francis - Tampa, FL

Orchid - Tampa, FL
All too often with degenerative joint issues such as arthritis or meniscal tears, the immediate solution is replacement. What can be expected in replacement surgery is a long and involved surgical procedure followed by weeks to months of rehabilitation and a long recovery period. Many times…
- Orchid - Tampa, FL

Vilma - Tampa, FL
Several years ago my knee started to hurt. I was playing in the park with the children and I twisted my ankle. It started to hurt. Eventually the swelling went down, it took about 6 months and I thought I was better. After 2 months of not being able to walk, pain came back. So intense that I…
- Vilma - Tampa, FL

Dr. Nathan - Lutz, FL
I’ve been having knee pain for several years. And I’ve been getting injections in the knee and they seem to last maybe about 3-4 weeks the most. After that the pain would return in my knee. And I was told by several doctors that I needed total knee replacement, because I have bone on bone.…
- Dr. Nathan - Lutz, FL

Louise - Naples, FL
In January I turned my rotator cuff and that let to having the surgery. If you have severe pain - you cannot sleep laying down, because when the shoulder drops you get pain. You’re not getting a good night sleep and and you cannot raise your arm at all. It is very difficult to do all the…
- Louise - Naples, FL

Susan - The Villages, FL
I knew I was injured on October 30th. I was riding my new bicycle and I was going up to one hill on a neighborhood. I felt something in my right hip area cracked and I knew something was wrong. The next day the hip still hurt, but I went to work and I set down for about 2 hours. After I stand up…
- Susan - The Villages, FL

Connie - Spring Hill, FL
Over 3 years ago I had developed severe pain in both knees and the left knee was worse. So I was told I needed open knee surgery. A replacement knee surgery. It went awful, it was terrible. They didn’t treat me up, it still hurts till this day. And it’s over 3 years ago. At the same time the…
- Connie - Spring Hill, FL

Lilian - Spring Hill, FL
I had had an injury, I had fallen on my knee. So I knew I had a lot of muscle and ligament and whatever damage. And I wasn't getting any better. It was from April till September and there were times when I was in a wheelchair or a walker because my knee was so bad. When you have that kind of knee…
- Lilian - Spring Hill, FL

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